Overview of Nunavut Arctic College

There are people throughout the Nunavut territory that will be looking for ways that they can advance their education. The Nunavut Arctic College has been set up to provide just this opportunity for them. Many people will be impressed by their chance to broaden their knowledge and pick up a few basic skills. There are actually quite a few different programs available through the school. Prospective students should read through the full catalog to get an idea of what they might offer.

The college itself has five different campuses that are spread out throughout the Nunavut region. The majority of programs are centered around Iqaluit, the capital of the territory. Many of the degree programs are supported through a partnership with the University of Regine and Dalhousie University. This allows the Nunavut Arctic College to provide people with training to become educators or nurses themselves. Without the presence of this college, many people would not have this sort of opportunity.

The college plays host to a number of different trade programs, which will help provide local residents with different skill sets. Some residents will want to check out their options when it comes time to apply. There are a few different ways that students can gain certification for different skills while they are enrolled in the college. Many people will be interested in finding out more information as they go through the program. The college has counselors who can guide them through this process if they need help.

Nunavut Arctic College is committed to its mission to promote educational opportunities in the area and conduct research. Every year the college issues around 150 different licenses to students that are preparing to enter many different fields. It is also active in many local areas of research, which provides a substantial benefit. Finally, the college is wholly committed to promoting local indigenous cultures and supporting the traditional way of life in the Nunavut area.