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Taloyoak Nunavut

One of the many interesting communities is Northern Canada is the community of Taloyoak Nunavut. This is the Northernmost community on the Canadian mainland. It is situated 69 degrees 32 North latitude and 1,224 km from Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territory. Taloyoak is located in the region of Standards Bay – formerly known as Spence Bay, and was incorporated as Taloyoak, Nunavut in 1981. The literal translation of the town in Inuktitut means “large caribou blind”. The area is one of the most interesting in Northern Canada in terms of its history, culture and natural geography. The community has an average annual temperature of 13.7 degrees Fahrenheit with an average low of of -1.3 degrees.


The traditional inhabitants of this area were the Netsilik Inuit. They hunted seals and used them as a source of food and clothing. The search for the Northwest Passage was important in the history of the region. The founding of the modern region began in 1948. RCMP staff arrived and the Inuit were urged to settle in Spence Bay. Many Catholic and Anglican ministers came to area to convert the residents to their way of worship.

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Many people embrace traditional Inuit ways in this community. The community is on the Arctic tundra, and is surrounded by grey rock in a harsh environment. Most of the members of the community are descended from the Inuit people. This is what makes the community traditional and one of a kind. It’s a community that’s steeped in a long tradition of the sea. Most of the residents make their living from hunting and fishing in one way or another.

brightly coloured houses in spence bay or taloyoak nunavut
Bright coloured houses in Spence Bay and Taloyoak, Nunavut

It’s a community that is small with only 809 residents. As mentioned, there’s a great tradition of fishing and hunting in the region and this is the way that most people make their living. They also perform a number of traditional Inuit activities like carving, crafts and other traditional activities.

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Colin & Andrea Travel Nunavut: October 2009

The current community has 226 dwellings and 206 residents in the community proper.

The land springs to life in the summertime with the explosion of berries, and dandelions on the hillsides. Arctic heather is also used to light campfires which are needed in this treeless land. There are also a number of large animals that are located on the tundra. The population of arctic hare, lemming and ground squirrel are prevalent. These are the things that make the region unique and special.


Many people are involved with the area and have passed a long an oral tradition of Thunder and Stone. A series of ghost stories and legends of spirits are said to inhabit this barren land. This is part of the tourism of the region. It describes an area to nearby and that interest visitors of the community. These are archaeological areas that may be investigated by others who choose to explore.

Here is the complete list of Aboriginal Youth role models

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Planning a Trip to the Canadian Arctic and Nanavut Way of life

Trip to the Canadian Arctic and Nanavut Way of lifeThere are more travelers about to the Canadian Arctic region nowadays for both equally business in addition to tourism. Adventure travel companies are needs to promote this Arctic to be a unique destination experiencing the splendor and wildlife on the north in addition to the culture on the native Inuit exactly who live at this time there. As a direct result of the creation on the Nunavut terrain and federal, the investment capital city connected with Iqaluit has become growing seeing that Inuit by smaller Arctic online communities migrate towards city intended for more task opportunities. This growth has produced the raise of small business travelers towards Arctic.


Getting towards Arctic has long been a dilemma for vacation goers since you will discover no tracks that range in price up there by southern Canadian locations. The Arctic communities are isolated on the rest connected with Canada together with from 1 another. Flying in has become the solely option although a lot of coastal Arctic regions are maintained by packages boat over the summers likewise.


For the standard traveler, the fresh air option is of having to head out. Although am the Canadian Arctic possesses increased, the volume of travelers becoming greater north can be quite small when compared to number connected with travelers concerning southern Canadian locations. As an effect, the important Canadian service Air The us and absolutely none on the US insurers service this Arctic. The one commercial flight companies which services the Arctic (Nunavut in addition to Northwest Territories) with the average vacationer are Primary Air in addition to Canadian To the north.


A small airline termed Air Inuit products and services the indigenous Inuit online communities in Nunavik (Arctic Quebec). First Fresh air and Canadian To the north both fly outside of Ottawa. First Fresh air also flies outside of Montreal though Canadian North has flights departures from Edmonton in addition to Calgary. These Canadian To the north flights will get rid of in Yellowknife from the Northwest Areas before carrying on to Nunavut. So travelers have to get to one of those Canadian cities using their company points connected with origin as a way to connect with the Arctic service. Getting into a smaller Arctic community like Cape Dorset calls for an added connection with Iqaluit.

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Inuit tribe, Gender roles, marriage, and community the division of labour in traditional society had a strong gender component, but it was not absolute. the men were. Ultima thule, Ultima thule! utmost isle! here in thy harbors for a while. we lower our sails; a while we rest. from the unending, endless quest. Inuit tribe, The inuit tribe is a group of culturally similar indigenous people; they live the artic region of canada and alaska. nowadays they neither form nor belong to any.

we check into the hotel which is not a hovel

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matthew michele cape dorset nunavut canada we arrived in cape dorset

Matthew michele cape dorset nunavut canada we arrived in cape dorset

is threatening inuit lives

Is threatening inuit lives

we check into the hotel which is not a hovel

We check into the hotel which is not a hovel



nunavut area map more house map of nunavut

Nunavut area map more house map of nunavut

and the notorious gold range hotel

And the notorious gold range hotel

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