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All About Inuit Culture

Inuit culture is characterized by the harsh climate and stark landscapes of the Arctic Tundra. The people of this community invented gear, tools and other accessories that enabled them to survive in their environment. Their beliefs are inspired by stories of the Aurora and historically they lived in homes made of snow.


Inuit communities are mainly found in the Arctic, Labrador, Quebec, Russia and other Northwest Territories. In some regions, the Inuit people are referred to as Eskimos. However, most of the Inuit don’t like this term and find it offensive. They prefer to be called Inuit, which in their native language means “The People”.


Inuit communities are found mainly in the Tundra region. This geographical location offers little by way of building materials. Absence of trees means that houses cannot be built using wood,

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Overview of Nunavut Arctic College

There are people throughout the Nunavut territory that will be looking for ways that they can advance their education. The Nunavut Arctic College has been set up to provide just this opportunity for them. Many people will be impressed by their chance to broaden their knowledge and pick up a few basic skills. There are actually quite a few different programs available through the school. Prospective students should read through the full catalog to get an idea of what they might offer.

The college itself has five different campuses that are spread out throughout the Nunavut region. The majority of programs are centered around Iqaluit, the capital of the territory. Many of the degree programs are supported through a partnership with the University of Regine and Dalhousie University. This allows the Nunavut Arctic College to provide people with training to become educators or nurses themselves. Without the presence of this college, many people would not have this sort of opportunity.

The college plays host to a number of different trade programs, which will help provide local residents with different skill sets. Some residents will want to check out their options when it comes time to apply. There are a few different ways that students can gain certification for different skills while they are enrolled in the college. Many people will be interested in finding out more information as they go through the program. The college has counselors who can guide them through this process if they need help.

Nunavut Arctic College is committed to its mission to promote educational opportunities in the area and conduct research. Every year the college issues around 150 different licenses to students that are preparing to enter many different fields. It is also active in many local areas of research, which provides a substantial benefit. Finally, the college is wholly committed to promoting local indigenous cultures and supporting the traditional way of life in the Nunavut area.

Enjoy Nunavut Cuisine this Festive Season

Nunavut cuisine is also known as country food, the source of which is derived from hunting and fishing in northwest Canada in Nunavut territory where you’ll find the Nunavut community. The inhabitants of Nunavut survive mainly by similar means of hunting and fishing. Nunavut cuisine is also served in selected restaurants and hotels.

A Nunavut food favourite is the arctic char, which tastes much like a mixture of salmon and trout and can be served with a stew, or boiled or roasted accompaniment such as musk ox and caribou. Expect to be served raw whale blubber, together with the skin. You can also enjoy baked or fried bread dough, referred to locally as bannock. Fresh scallops, shrimp and mussels are a must together with many other sea-food favourites.

Preparation of whale blubber requires time; firstly, to allow for the catching of the whale and then its preparation and processing. This can take up to three days or more. What this means for the restauranteur it that they always have to plan ahead to ensure steady supplies of this Nunavut food mainstay.

Unfortunately, Nunavut cuisine tends to be on the expensive side. This is because of the labour-intensive nature and expense involved with the preparation and cooking of these dishes. Hunting and fishing is always time consuming and as such, hotels and restaurants offering fresh sea-food dishes need to ensure they have ample stocks and supplies. If money’s no object, perhaps the choice of emploi nunavut cuisinier (employing your own Nunavut cuisine chef) could be the answer for you.

The many who enjoy Nunavut cuisine continually protest the high cost of Nunavut food prices, especially in supermarkets. Generally, though, any gourmet of Nunavut cuisine will appreciate the special hunting skills and equipment required to bring it to the table; however, there’s no doubt, gathering fresh supplies is a costly affair.

If you plan to enjoy Nunavut cuisine during the festive season, the best dining experience versus cost can be researched online, if you know what to look for. All hotels and restaurants involved in the preparation of Nunavut cuisine have to be licensed.

If on location, ask around from locals and take advantage of their knowledge and advice. Once you have several recommendations, identify potential venues by the numbers of years they’ve been serving Nunavut cuisine to local and visitor alike. Time in business is usually a good indication of a hotel or restaurants’ popularity and quality in the delivery of Nunavut cuisine.

Once you’ve decided on your dining venue, begin you’re experience by discovering a sample of the menu as a starter, especially if it’s your first time. If there are more than two of you, encourage each guest to order a different starter from the menu and share your experiences by way of recommendation before deciding on individual main courses.

Should you wish to observe Nunavut tradition, tradition dictates that elders are served first. Alcohol can be limited to an agreed amount or even prohibited altogether depending on group preference. Above all, go all out and try something new this festive season. Create memories you won’t forget by trying something different and special such as Nunavut cuisine.