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Posted: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 7:02 pm

CSU’s offer online classes

Meaghan Sands, News Editor


Beginning this fall quarter, students will now be able to take fully online courses through other California State Universities. According to Claudia Pinter-Lucke, associate provost for the division of academic affairs, this is part of the Intrasystem Concurrent Enrollment Online Course Program, a platform promoted through the Chancellor’s Office.

This program has been in effect for a while; it just did not include the online aspect. The online program was organized very quickly and CSU campuses received requests to join the program in April and May of this year.

According to the Academic Senate CSU report, while Intrasystem Concurrent enrollment has existed for approximately 40 years, the planned expansion of this opportunity via online courses has generated new interest.

To enroll in a class students must be enrolled in 6.1 units or more and have their fees paid. Each student is currently allowed to enroll in one class per term and students must stick with their term schedule, for example, quarter students enroll with a quarter system school and semester students enroll with a semester system school.

“We’re not exactly sure why the Chancellor decided on that restriction,” said Pinter-Lucke. “My best guess would be to avoid student confusion over the different calendar schedules. But this might be something that is changed in the near future.”

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The unit conversion when going from quarter to semester and vice versa can be tricky because the units do not always match up. Students dependent on financial aid could lose their funds if they do not make sure their units add up.

The three classes being offered this fall are a sociology and geology class through CSU Bakersfield, and a music class through CSU East Bay.

The reason there are only three classes being offered to Cal Poly Pomona students is because there are currently only six CSUs on the quarter system and among those, only three of them submitted online courses.

According to Pinter-Lucke, the goal of this program is to make more classes available to students and to enable them to get their degree in a timelier manner.

“This program benefits the students here and the students on other campuses,” she said.

The classes that are mainly being targeted for this program are general education and support courses. Questionnaires administered to students over the years have shown that students tend to prefer hybrid courses over full online courses. Thus, in the near future, it is unlikely that we will see core classes in this program.

Classes chosen for this program were also those with a broad appeal to a variety of students.

To make room for additional students selected classes either had an additional section added or added on seats to other sections.

There will be a minimum of 50 additional seats in each class. This means, that for a specific class, either a whole new section with 50 seats will be added or, for example, five sections will get 10 additional seats.

Any seats that were currently available for other CSU students that go untaken during the add/drop period will be released to CPP students for the taking.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013 7:02 pm.