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— Migrating from magnetic stripe cards to EMV chip cards is a major project that will impact all parts of a payments organization. At Paragon Application Systems (Paragon), we know that the first step to a successful EMV migration is establishing a solid understanding of EMV and chip card technology. That’s why Paragon has developed a series of free EMV online training classes presented by Deborah Spidle, Director of EMV Solutions for Paragon. Current classes include:

Upcoming classes will address Issuer decisions associated with EMV, EMV General Project Management Guidelines and Project Management for both Issuers and Acquirers.

Building on the online training classes, Paragon provides in-depth on-site training and consulting services to assist customers with their EMV implementations. During on-site training, customers learn how to simulate and test EMV transactions using Paragon simulation and testing tools.

“The EMV training was very thorough and gave us the tools to understand how EMV will impact us and our customers,” says Wilfredo Rodriguez, Assistant VP and Manager for EVERTEC. “Paragon went the extra mile and helped us successfully send EMV transactions from Paragon’s ATMulator Plus to our EVERTEC test system so we could understand how an actual EMV transaction works.”

“The response to our online classes has been tremendous,” says Deborah Spidle, Director of EMV Solutions for Paragon. “The online classes provide a very good introduction to EMV. But there’s no substitute for in-person, on-site training, which allows the students to interact with the instructor and discuss how EMV will impact their unique environment.”

About Paragon Application Systems

Paragon Application Systems is a leading global provider of automated ePayment testing solutions. In business since 1994, more than 590 customers in 85 countries are benefiting from Paragon’s end-to-end ePayment testing solutions. Paragon has helped customers around the globe with their EMV implementations. We start with training to help customers understand what EMV is and all of the acronyms associated with it. Then we work to develop the right plan for EMV implementation including providing the right set of test tools to validate EMV migration. Visit Paragon Application Systems at, follow our EMV blog at or email