Students Hoping to Recover Money, Classes After Online Courses Disappear – KARK

Arkansas Baptist College in Little Rock says it’s making baby steps to solve recent issues that concern students, their money and their classes.

Recently the school encountered issues with students not receiving federal work study funds but says it’s fixed that problem caused by a simple keystroke mistake.

The latest round of student woes: online classes that never happened.

“We thought they might have given a week off due to a break time or something of that nature,” said student, Henry Rodgers about what he says he was told by the school.

Rodgers tells KARK the 5 week courses that were supposed to start in February never finished.

In many of the cases students said the school had already collected their financial aid which is money they’ll eventually have to pay back.

After weeks of not hearing anything some students are fed up.

Rodgers said, “The hard feelings now are with the lack of communication from the college.”

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Arkansas Baptist College tells KARK an automative issue with their financial aid system forced them to suspend all online classes.

Because the five week online courses differ with the structure of the courses students enroll in on campus, Arkansas Baptist College says it caused issues with the all-automatic financial system.

That’s why they say they had to delay the online classes.

This was all news to some students we spoke with.

Rodgers explained, “That’s where the major frustration is coming from.”

He says he plans to get his education somewhere else unless something changes soon.

“I was thinking about withdrawing from the class there and withdrawing from the school.”

The school claims anyone who may have paid for the courses and is eligible for a refund has received it.

They say they are working on the issues with the automated system and hope to have everything back up and running in a couple of weeks.